#15: Judy – Atlanta, Georgia.

In this intimate and very personal interview Judy first talks about losing her brother, Matt, due to suicide. What does her Coca Cola Bottle collection have to do with an early dislike of guns? Is there a difference between “guns with a purpose” and handguns? She also shares losing her next door neighbor due to a domestic murder. Do parents usually think to inquire about firearms being in homes of their children’s playmates? Why does she feel this is IMPORTANT? Can handguns, particularly in households with children, be stored responsibly and STILL be effective as self defense? Does the sense of “safety” when carrying a hand gun lead to “a poor sense of judgement”? What are the statistics on handguns? WHAT DID OUR FOREFATHERS INTEND WHEN THEY GAVE US THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS? What do YOU think the 2nd Amendment means? and Why did our forefathers give us that? What rights did WOMEN HAVE when the first ten amendments were ratified in 1791? Can we become an “undivided nation”?