#18: Tom – Atlanta, Georgia.

Tom tells why guns these days tend to scare him in general and why. Is the process to obtain guns too easy compared to other established processes such as getting a drivers license? WHAT types of guns are within the intention of the 2nd Amendment for civilians to bare? Is the randomness of today’s horrific tragedies due in part to a lack of proper procedure? Does the advent of social media diminish face-to-face communication skills? WHERE ARE WE AS A COUNTRY RIGHT NOW??? Do fears unnecessarily snowball into anger due to social media? Is the “Mental Health Piece something that is missing here”? Did the founding fathers clearly intend civilians to have assault riffles in their home? What is the TRUE MEANING of “a well regulated militia”? How much have things changed in America since 1791? What do WE use guns for? What training do individuals who own guns have to use them??? Do you know the history of Muhammad Ali?