#19: George (Part 1) – Atlanta, Georgia.

In this introduction to Pastor George he talks about working on sensible gun laws in GA. What was childhood activity like on his Aunt’s farm in South Georgia during Summer visits when he was 12-13 years old? Do “we need a serious conversation about what responsible gun ownership looks like”? How can we protect ourselves AND our common good? What did it USED TO SAY on the back of a ‘concealed weapons permit’? Should there be a distinction between rights and “unlimited rights”? Does experience eliminate the possibility of accidents and malfunctions? Are individual “rights” exclusive of rights of society? How do 1791 Muzzle Loaders compare to 2016 AR-15 “Bump Fire Stock” assault riffles? Do firearms belong in our houses of worship and on college campuses??? We arrive to his gift field trip destination – an Atlanta Gun Show. (I DID NOT record inside the show however, Part #2 is an informative post-show discussion).