#20: George (Part 2) – Atlanta, Georgia.

Post gun show commentary & discussion: What do you see at a gun show? Does President Obama & Hillary Clinton REALLY want to TAKE AWAY your guns? What fears are legitimate? What are “prepper scenarios”? What concerns should society be addressing right now? Are 3 rounds per second (180 bullets a minute) necessary to defend yourself, family, & property? What is our TRUE reality? Is there a “mythology that a ‘gun on the hip’ plays into”? Is this a “disconnect from reality”? Important things to know for the “inexperienced” who now have a gun. Are you or a family member MUCH MORE LIKELY to be shot by your own handgun? If so, why? What happened when someone threatened to kill this Pastor in his church? What does he talk about that could “stir up the white male listeners”? Projection of power & the cycle of violence. Insecurities & coping with them. Is “a gun” the answer to all of our problems? When do you need the Police vs. When do you need a gun? THE DYNAMIC OF FEAR! Examples of “WHITE PRIVILEGE”that he has experienced. What is the systemic RACISM in this country? Is it based in fear? What is a “straw purchase location”? George reflects on being at a KKK rally at Stone Mountain where there were many counter protestors, opposing groups, & numerous officers… Is it concerning that people where carrying assault riffles & other firearms at this gathering??? Do ‘guns’ take away all the other options? COMPLEX ISSUE!!!  Are there sensible solutions that maintain our right to protect ourselves? Should weapons designed for combat on battlefields have a place in civilized society?  TRUST vs. DISTRUST in our government. Shouldn’t care for veteran’s mental health be part of “the true cost of war”? WHERE SHOULD OUR FINANCIAL RESOURCES BE INVESTED FOR “OUR” GREATER WELL BEING??? Individualism vs. Collective thought. US, Us, us… & …THEM, THem, them. Opinions vs. FACTS. How many rabbits are we actually chasing? If Jesus Christ meditated…. Why is the practice of meditation not part of the Christian culture (IN ADDITION TO PRAYER)?  How can ‘REAL CHANGE’ take place?