#23: John – Atlanta, Georgia.

John is a Trial Lawyer who shares his perspective from an angle of law and politics. Is this truly a Polarized issue?  Automatic weapons & high capacity clips. Public Policy, Corporate Interest, and disconnect of what the PUBLIC would like to see. MONEY & POLITICAL CLOUT … How is OUR Democracy SUPPOSED TO WORK vs. how it works in practice. How does he feel about gun ownership, sales, & use? What about assault riffles? The 2nd Amendment and general history. Exploring feelings of distrust towards our government today. His personal opinion on handguns in a home. Should there be a heightened liability (both civil & criminal) for people with guns in their homes if a child or visitor is injured or killed due to irresponsible gun storage? IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHO is really making our public policy as far as guns in this country? How DO YOU get to your personal truth? What SHOULD BE A CONCERN??? How can the tort system change corporate behavior? How is “Dialogue” developed over decades? WHEN & HOW does the Federal Government step in and take action for the greater good of society? “WHO’s BEHIND THIS DIALOGUE”? Do YOU distrust the Federal Government?