#24: Jacky – Atlanta, Georgia.

Jacky describes a “split feeling” about Guns in America. What does she respect about much of the hunting community? What does she have issue with in urban areas? Does having a gun make her feel safer at home? Visits to England & Ireland are described to share cultural differences. Do YOU feel any differentiation between a sense of “community” surrounding guns in rural vs. urban areas? Exploring feelings regarding general types of guns available in America… hand guns, high capacity clips, & assault riffles. Contemplating the 2nd Amendment and it’s intended meaning. What is a militia? What are “ARMS”? Has the passing of 225 years changed the meaning or interpretation since 1791? Is it clear or does it need clarity? Does time & increased population change the relevance? Has SOCIETY changed the meaning of the 2nd amendment by reducing it to JUST THESE FIVE WORDS… “the. right. to. bare. arms.”? Who loves their children more? Are we “WELL REGULATED” or in need of regulating? What do WE use guns for? What about policing and the idea of COMMUNITY? What training do individuals who own guns have to use them? What would make it safer for everybody? How are you qualified to own a gun? Do you have a banana chip Rambo riffle? Do the police still work FOR US? Does our gun culture affect Police composure in general and result in a heightened level of aggression due to existing stresses?