#28: Andrew – Atlanta, Georgia.

Andrew describes a culture with an odd fascination with guns. What kind of training does his son’s Boy Scout troop get with guns? What happened to his sister’s friend? Are guns too readily available? WHEN DO WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES WITH A GUN? How did the Governor’s Invitational pheasant hunt affect him? Assault riffles & high capacity clips… are these selfless possessions? Why consider cultures that have existed much longer than our own? Does the 2nd Amendment literally mean “everyone can carry a musket”? Does the ‘Slippery Slope’ actually go the other way? Can we achieve an education system that well educates ALL of our society? Reflections on a young man’s suicide. How can people be open minded and leave emotion out? What do we have in common? WILL WE ACHIEVE COMMON SENSE?