#29: John – Topeka, Kansas.

What is John’s earliest childhood memory from a trip to the Peach & Watermelon Festival in Texas? Listen to a heart warming story that reveals the love and caring heart beneath the tough exterior of a Man. What distinguishes a firearm as a tool versus a weapon? Should gun boundaries distinguish between urban and rural areas? “WHY DON’T THEY TEACH GUN SAFETY IN SCHOOL”? What happened the day someone brought a 12 gauge shotgun into his High School. The 2nd Amendment, “guns for home defense”, & learning safe gun boundaries – What is a responsible gun owner? Is controlling gun violence by using make, model, & magazine capacity a good argument? Should we be focused on ‘The Gun’ or the ‘Human dynamics BEHIND THE GUN’? What loss in our culture has been a detriment to us all? Do CORE VALUES relate to our violent-response as the go-to response?