#31: Danielle – North Georgia.

 Danielle owns a French-American Restaurant and expresses her thoughts with authentic French passion and native accent. The number of guns in America owned by individuals as well as the power of those guns is shocking to her and the accessibility with loopholes and lack of safety controls is incomprehensible, especially in the wake of school shootings and other mass killings. She interprets the 2nd amendment and describes the history of that time period in a way that both demands respect and brings me a feeling of shame for my own lack of being informed as a native to the USA. What does she state about AR-15’s, semi-automatic weapons, extended magazines, & nuclear arms? What is the role of financial gain in American gun policy? How does she describe the feeling of shooting an AK-47? Her late husband was a federal agent, what special efforts did she go to when ready to part with his small arsenal? Regarding sensible gun legislation, how does she portray the difference between fantasy & reality of what that means? Does the average American make enough effort to learn about factual realities? Is France a country of “freedom”? What are their gun boundaries? How did she & her husband communicate with their children about guns and also protect them from harm in a household with numerous firearms? Why is she worried about video games in American society?