#32: Beth – Atlanta, Georgia.

Beth is the V.P. of a Health Care Solutions Company and much of her ‘truth’ is voiced from that perspective. What should we be doing about guns, what are peoples rights around them, & how do we stop the violence? What world record did her Grandfather achieve that is a positive gun connotation… how have guns become much more of a negative connotation today? Is it the heart of a person? Is the biggest growth area in a multi-billion-dollar industry a piece of this complex puzzle? How can we minimize people from getting lost in our care “systems”? A tragic story is shared. What is Beth’s ultimate truth? Are too many people disconnected from their ultimate truth? What scrutiny is appropriate for individuals to bare arms? Why did we leave the Mother Ship? What is the responsibility of OUR government? Should individuals be required to pass firearm safety & use training in order to receive a license allowing them to exercise their right to bare arms?