#13: John – Northwest Florida.

 John speaks with great clarity and insight as he shares his personal perspective and dives to the depth of this subject considering details of humanity that could be addressed beyond “the gun”… WHAT ARE SOME AREAS?  What is the INTENTION behind the tools we use? Do ‘our problems’ go away by outlawing certain guns, ammunition, etc…? Also, In regards to many recent mass killings: Why are there always people in the perpetrator’s community “who are not surprised by it”… but, never did anything about concerns they felt??? “How do we provide greater resources to individuals who don’t feel connected to our community”? What is YOUR influence sphere? If you’re comfortable with good people having guns, then how do you decide who is good? Can we achieve a greater focus on mental health? Does a gun make it easier to make a mistake or commit a regrettable act? Should lessons in Anger Management be a core part of our education curriculum? DON’T MISS THIS THOUGHT PROVOKING INTERVIEW!